Manually Install Java and Maven

Download Java from the following Link

Download Maven from the following Link

Then unzip the files to java and maven folders. For Ubuntu, it is better to install /usr/apps/

then create a symlink to the latest version inside the folder using following commands

Go into the java folder (/usr/apps/java)


After creating the symbolic link you will have (/usr/apps/java/current)

Go into the maven folder (/usr/apps/maven)


After creating the link similarly you will have (/usr/apps/maven/current)

When you create a symlink for the latest version as current you only have to download the next latest version and change the symbolic link only. Otherwise, you have to change all the configured locations. This will reduce a hazard.

Then apply the following configurations to the ~/.bash_profile

#Java home and Java Path


export JAVA_HOME
export M2_HOME
export PATH

Save the .bash_profile

Next the path variable should be updated by running the .bash_profile. For that run the following command

source ~/.bash_profile

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